Constituents Focus PAC is actively seeking financial support from liberty-minded donors in Texas.  If you share our beliefs in basic liberty principles and are interested in supporting liberty-minded candidates for office, we want your help.

CFP makes the following commitments to its donors:

  1. CFP commits to seeking out and finding the best liberty-minded candidates running for office in Texas. Candidates will be screened and vetted prior to acceptance for PAC support.
  1. CFP commits to providing best-in-class resources to ensure its supported candidates are able to plan and execute an effective “ground game,” which consists of targeting and executing a well planned block-walking program to knock on doors and engage voters on their doorstep about the key issues they care about most.
  1. CFP commits to tracking the progress of the candidates it supports and updating donors periodically on that progress.
  1. CFP commits to ensuring that any and all funding contributed into the PAC will be well spent and will maximize the potential for success for all supported candidates.

If you believe in the principles of liberty and would like to support citizens running for public office in Texas who share your beliefs, then please consider making a contribution to CFP by simply sending a check to:

Constituents Focus PAC
PO Box 6263
Austin TX 78762

Note: State law requires political action committees to collect and report the full name, mailing address, occupation and employer of each of its contributors.