Constituents Focus PAC is actively seeking candidates to support for office in Texas.  If you share our beliefs in basic liberty principles and are willing to work hard to represent the constituents of your district above and beyond any special interests, we want to meet you.

Our process for screening and accepting candidates for support is straightforward:

  1. Please provide CFP with basic information about yourself: your beliefs, which office you are running for and why you are running. You can send us information about yourself and your background by using our Contact Us form.
  1. Based on your qualifications, background and the office for which you are running, CFP will contact you to schedule an in-person interview to learn more about you and your plans to run for and serve in public office.
  1. If you are accepted as a supported candidate, CFP will begin providing a range of resources focused on helping you run the core portion of your campaign—your “ground game,” which consists of engaging likely voters in your district and executing a block-walking plan that allows you and your volunteers to meet with your constituents.

If you are a candidate who shares our beliefs and would like to discuss getting CFP’s support, please click here to provide some background information on yourself, which office you are running for and why you are running.